“The power to tax involves the power to destroy” – Chief Justice Marshall

Tax troubles can be a storm-tossed sea. Audits can threaten to assess extra taxes to the point of bankruptcy. Liens can shipwreck the credit of business and individuals alike. Levies can empty bank accounts, grab paychecks and intercept receivables just when they are needed most. Unfiled returns can be used by the IRS to make up “substitute assessments” which exacerbate the amount of tax. They can also give rise to threats of criminal action for tax evasion. Seizures can take cars, trucks, inventories, equipment, tangible and intangible property, even lands and buildings. Summonses, Civil Suits and Criminal Prosecutions can haul a taxpayer into Court or worse. It can feel like nothing is secure, like there is no place safe to stand. The skies are dark. The next wave may swamp the boat. The next stormy blast threatens to wash everything away. But it doesn’t have to.

Every client of MC Tax, no matter how tough their situation, will have their concerns personally reviewed and their response directed by Gary R. Dettloff, J.D., a former IRS Attorney who helped design the very first IRS Resolution program and consulted with Congress in the effort to establish the Taxpayers Bill of Rights into law. Not a sales rep. Not a voice on the phone from a thousand miles away, but someone you can know, and who can know you. An experienced advocate will be on your side, to search for the best way and offer a real plan to take you from a place of real danger to a place of peace and stability. You don’t have to sink. If you will work with us, the waves will ease, and light will appear on the horizon. You can make it!

Most people who come to MC Tax for help with IRS are served in one of three ways. We call them the “three R’s”– Rescue, Returns and Rewards.


Sudden disaster looms. Levies are threatened, or are already emptying bank accounts or diverting receivables. Liens threaten homes and other properties. A Grand Jury is empaneled. A Summons is issued and served, threatening jail. Where can you turn? When people or businesses face these kinds of challenges, there is no time to spare. They need intervention. They need rescue. That’s when a former IRS Attorney, who helped design the first tax resolution program with the IRS, and who is cited in the Congressional Record for his contribution to the Taxpayers Bill of Rights is an ally who can make a difference. That’s the kind of ally WTG provides every “rescue” client: Gary R. Dettloff, J.D.

Gary knows the ropes. He was, in fact, an IRS Advisor and Certified Instructor as well as an Attorney over his ten years with the government. He helped write the book, literally, on problem resolution (Problem Resolution Procedures). He knows the safeguards built into law under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, since he worked with Congress on that law. He is a Fox News, Washington Times and Politico contributor on tax matters, and has appeared on 60 Minutes. He stands ready to intervene. To throw out the lifeline and work to calm the storm.


Many more folks and businesses may not be in immediate “trouble” but still are uncomfortable dealing with the thorny issues of taxation and involvement with the IRS. They just don’t like it. They want to avoid it if possible. Many even pay “extra” taxes, avoiding deductions and credits lawfully theirs, just so they can avoid the potential of IRS conflict (or at least think they might do so). So they stay in the dark. They don’t know where to go. At MC Tax, we want to help do away with those fears, and shine a light into the darkness.

It’s not just the storm of tax troubles which can prompt a wise decision to seek help with the issues posed by the complexity of IRS taxes. Small businesses and individuals can find themselves facing a complicated tax bill which demands 25%, 32% and even over 40% of their marginal income. Unless they get returns prepared with properly sharpened pencils and experienced professionals, families and businesses large and small can find their bottom lines threatened by excess taxation. IRS audit programs are based upon statistical averages established with excruciating detail each year. Reports of income and expenses are key elements of those averages. MC Tax offers expert tax preparation and consultation from professionals with CPA, Enrolled Agent and IRS Auditor/Attorney backgrounds. If you are not “in trouble”, that’s good! Now take the next step and clarify any tax issues, so you can resolve them without fear. Stop worrying about it. We can do that “worrying”. MC Tax is ready, with the experience and dedication to help our clients take the best steps towards our common goal: The lowest legal tax.


Taxation impacts everyone. Every business. Every family. Even if you are not “in trouble” taxes affect you. Even if you currently have no IRS issues, at some time, you probably will. Preparation now can pay big dividends in savings and personal peace, no matter what your life and business situation is. The experienced staff and professionals at MC Tax have “been there”. We have seen the clouds on the horizon, and maybe even beyond. We have charted the course and guided many through the waters where you are heading. When it comes time for strategy, planning ahead can be a real benefit. That, too, is what we are here for.
That’s what brings reward. If MC Tax can bring clients back from the brink of disaster, and then continue to counsel clients towards their lowest legal tax without fear or mystery, those clients who stay the course and participate with us will save a lot. Money. Worry. Health. A better life and a greater prosperity is possible. It can be your reward. Let MC Tax take you there.