About Music City Tax

Music City Tax (MCT) has grown out of the private tax practice of former IRS Attorney Gary R. Dettloff at the Center for Tax & Strategic Planning, with clients throughout the US and spanning the globe.  MCT was created to provide superior tax representation for those who need it most.  Advised by Waterford Law Group, PLLC, and strategically allied with Waterford Tax Group, PLLC, MCT offers a professional and support staff unequaled in the community.


headshot_garydettloffGary R. Dettloff, J.D.

Gary R. Dettloff, J.D. is a former IRS attorney dedicated to achieving the lowest legal tax for his clients. Gary represents firms and individuals engaged in business, manufacturing, charities and the arts, including numerous public figures as well as many who prefer a lower profile. He hosted his own talk show (“Law Review”) and worked on a number of broadcasts, such as 60 Minutes, This Week and Dollars & Common Sense. Gary consulted with Congress on The Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights I & II, and was quoted in the Congressional Record. He is a published Washington Times, Politico, and Fox News contributor.

Gary began his career at the IRS, where he earned four promotions and three awards in seven years. Then he became an Assistant Prosecutor, elected to the board of directors of the Government Bar Association. While with the IRS, Gary published Problem Resolution Procedures, the IRS’ own tax resolution program. After leaving government, Gary was a professor of tax and business law at UOP and practiced privately, joining MC Tax in 2008.

Gary is married with two children, serving family and community in elective office and on various public and charitable boards. Devoted to his Christian faith, Gary R. Dettloff been a worship leader, deacon and elder. He is a member of the GMA and the BBB, and enjoys music, books, cars, animals and children, but not necessarily in that order.

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