Why Us?

taxrockMany taxpayers have come to this site under a lot of pressure…

Confused by conflicting fears and claims.  Afraid of what the IRS will do next.  Wondering.  Where to turn?  Who to believe?

MCT exists to answer those questions, and calm those fears.  Not with a magic wand or slick promises.  Rather, we offer straight answers, direct action and solid effort to bring a good results, based upon a decade of experience with the Government, and years of proven performance thereafter.

A taxpayer who engages MCT will receive the direct and prompt professional attention of Gary R. Dettloff, JD, a former IRS attorney who helped establish the first taxpayer advocacy system in the U.S.– one that still thrives today.

Your concerns will not be responded to by a sales person or customer rep.  Your case will be handled promptly by Taxpayer Advocate One, with a line of hundreds of pleased and satisfied clients over two decades long and an A+ BBB rating.